Case 1


John and Lucy

Our biggest assets are our time and attention. What we focus on grows. The demands of our everyday life don’t leave a lot of resources for us to put into our connection. We have an expectation that our relationship should ‘just work’ while putting our efforts into our children, our work and other people, we can easily deplete the grounds of our relationship, drying/draining it from nutrients, which can help sustain them and allow them to thrive.

Most of us have a belief that everything good in a relationship should happen spontaneously and with no investment, but the truth is that our relationship like anything else in our life needs us to show up for it, needs us to update it, upgrade it, adjust it to who we are today. It needs to know it’s important to us and that we are willing to show up for it, take it to the next level, learn how can it be better, what can we improve, how can we not just put more demands but actually stop and enjoy its gifts.

How can we turn all we have experienced up until this day to be the blocks of who we are becoming. That our shared history is not only replaying itself but becoming a reference point for who we want to be. In order to do that we can’t just ‘talk about it’ we need to feel it! We need to have a bodily reference for what is good, for what feels good and to how we can have more of that.

In A Course In Miracles it says we don’t need to figure out how to love, we need to remove the obstacles to love. This one day workshop will be totally tailored to your specific needs. It will allow a space for you to step into the ‘headquarters of your relationship, understand what are the blocks and how you may remove them. It will give you a safe and exciting time together, to touch some of the deepest aspects of your relationship and strengthen your commitment to grow in a way that will turn your connection ON and make it a resource.

Yes, please. Book us in!