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I offer key notes and introductory talks in relation to deepening our understanding of modern relationships.

I touch on issues I see in my clinic every day, bridging our generation’s expectations from our relationships with the reality we face in our everyday over-scheduled lives.

How can both partners feel they are at their optimal place of self-expression, passion & connection while struggling to provide and survive in a demanding competitive world? How can we ask for what we really need without driving our partner away? And how can we feel our connection is a recourse and not a place with endless demands and accusations?

The ability to receive and experience pleasure in all its many forms is what we all hope for, why is it so hard for us to consistently find that place? Discrepancy in needs, communication fallouts & distribution of labor are the top topics every couple needs to negotiate. We are at a time where we eventually come to ask questions, are we even meant to stay together for a life-time? is it even natural? can we expect our relationship to be more than a house-hold economic arrangement? and if so, how would that even look like?

These questions are not just hedonistic, self-absorbed entitled enquires, they are deep existential ones we need to be able to answer too. I believe, sharing things I have come to know through my professional & personal experience has a powerful activating, empowering and healing effect.

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