“The Idea that the family survival depends on the relative contentment of the couple, is totally NEW. With the rising emphasis on individual happiness, erotic and sexual satisfaction are seen as critical components of marital happiness. The focus has shifted from sexual duty to sexual pleasure” – Esther Perel

The Love/Lust Split

Can we want what we already have?

“Reconciling passion and intimacy or the Erotic and the Domestic is about bringing together two (different) sets of fundamental human needs: the need for safety and security with the need for adventure and novelty” – Stephen Mitchell


“We should live what we want them to learn. The true education for them is going to be what moves in their environment.– Lisa Romero

What women who know tell their daughters

What I wish my sixteen-year-old self would have know about sex, love and power.

“I have faith that our daughters will take up where we mothers have left off – and having learned from our mistakes will love more consciously and unconditionally than ever.” – Dr Christine Northrup


“As a therapist, I could see my tendency to avoid the topic, but I also felt that I had to “challenge the belief that working on her emotions would automatically transfer its results to her intimate sex life, and magically sort it out” – Esther Perel

Workshop For Practitioners


  • How important is addressing sexuality in therapy
  • Why are we afraid to go there
  • We signal to our clients how much can be said
  • Latest research & resources

Exclusive Relationship Insight from Tamar

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